Emilia Simidchieva

Finance and Administration Manager

Emiliya is our Finance and Administration Manager. She chose to join TFB because she believes the project can help measurably improve thinking and the standard of living by educating people regardless of their age. From an economic standpoint she is confident that the human resource is the most important factor in the success of every organization and country because it is the one that ultimately adds value.

Prior to joining Teach for Bulgaria, Emiliya worked as a Management Information System Expert at the Statistics and Analyses Section of Eurobank EFG, where she developed ad-hoc analyses, forecast and budgets. Her previous work experience also includes the position of Investment Analyst where she conducted research and analyses in sectors like digital media, renewable energy, food processing, private education, etc. She also has experience in financial modeling, investment presentations and proposals, data analyses, and proficiency with statistical and reporting software.

Emiliya was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and started her economic education over 10 years ago at the National High School in Finance and Business – Sofia, where she received a Technical diploma in Economics and Management and a certificate for professional qualification as an accountant. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance and is a candidate for a Master’s degree in Financial Management from New Bulgarian University. Her academic work includes research in the field of Value Added Models and Value Based Management and she would like to see them start governing more of everyday thinking.

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