Marian Rankov

Training and Support Coordinator

Marian is a Training and Support Coordinator. He decided to join the Teach for Bulgaria team because he believes with his experience as teacher of the programme he could contribute more to the mission to assure equal access to quality education for every child. Marian has spent two years as a teacher in Luben Karavelov Secondary School in the town of Koprivshtitsa. He taught afternoon classes with kids from first to sixth grade. In addition to that, he focused his work on preparing the fourth graders for the state standardized tests.

In 2015 he became a coordinator of the school volunteering club. He had organized many events to gather teachers, students, parents and local community in Koprivshtitsa. Back in 2012 Marian taught a class in Architecture and Design at William Gladstone Secondary School in Sofia.

Marian graduated in Photography from New Bulgarian University in 2014.

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