niya 2019

Niya Yanakieva

Development Associate

Niya Yanakieva joined the Development and Fundraising team as an associate in May 2019. Her professional experience prior to this includes international organizations like the European Parliament and the UN. She was also part of the teams of the Bulgarian Embassy in London and the British Embassy in Sofia.

Through her own experience, Niya had the opportunity to acquire knowledge through different educational systems by graduating high-school in Brussels and completing her Bachelor degree in London. With a view of the big picture and the characteristics of each of these systems Niya is motivated to work directly for positive change in the education system in Bulgaria. This provoked her to become part of the team of Teach for Bulgaria and to support the success of every child.

Niya is a huge theatre fan and believes that this interest of hers helps her personal development and keeps her awakened and thinking.

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