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Reneta Bogdanova

Teacher Training and Support Coordinator

Currently Reneta Bogdanova is a coordinator “Training and Support” at Teach For Bulgaria.

I think that the Teach For Bulgaria program is a great opportunity for my personal development and being part of such an ambitious and dedicated team has furthered my motivation for accomplishing it. The mission of the program for assuring an equal access to quality education completely coincides with my vision for improvement of our educational system. I have the energy, ideas and faith that the change will come and I think that we are getting closer to attaining this vision every day and I feel like a part of this development.

Before taking this role I was a practicing teacher for TFB at the 15th High school “Adam Mitzkevich” where I taught chemistry to high school level classes. During the summer break I did an internship in Human Resources at PWC where I was part of the technical preparation of the internal training of the company. I was responsible for research and analysis of the attitudes of the different departments and teams and prepared periodical statements.

While I was at university I worked part-time at Alpha Support as an organizer of training sessions for managers connect to NLP and ISO certification. Before that I was a technical adviser at a real estate company and an architecture firm. I also worked as collector of outstanding debt at call center for Coface Bulgaria. I have a bachelor degree in teaching biology and chemistry at University of Sofia. I am also certified in “NLP in selling skills”, “NLP in HR” and working with children with special requirements.

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